Membership Gives You the Competitive Advantage

  • Connect with the Corps of Engineers, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, other federal contractors, suppliers, lawmakers, and key influencers throughout the industry and the Mississippi Valley
  • Know the latest price and economic trends (DataDigest), other current industry trends and forecasts (Green Building, Public Private Partnerships, etc.), and the latest federal acquisition developments (Best Value Contracting, Reverse Auction, Early Contractor Involvement, etc.)  AGC is your resource for answers, information, and training.
  • Access innovative training and education programs to build your business, improve your bottom line and grow your work force.



Gain an Advocate in Washington DC

  • AGC works with Congress and the White House to ensure that laws and regulations enhance (but not limit) your business operations.  AGC serves as your company’s eyes and ears in the policy arena alerting you to any activity that may impede your ability to do business, giving you the tools to take action and make a difference.
  • AGC promotes quality projects and quality people, raises industry standards and supplies members with a skilled work force
  • AGC has strong ties with key decision-makers on Capitol Hill and at the federal agencies (EPA, OSHA, etc.) to advocate issues directly impacting federal contractors
  • During the Federal Contractors Conference held annually in D.C. AGC provides opportunities to raise issues to the commanders and leaders of the federal construction agencies (Corps of Engineers, NRCS, NAVFAC, GSA, VA, Coast Guard, Air Force, BOP, etc.)
  • National Committees (Corps of Engineers, NRCS, Marine Contractors, etc.) work to address and resolve issues that impact business operations of federal contractors.  Branch members now chair the NRCS, Corps of Engineers and Marine Contractors Committees, National AGC.
  • Dan & Ann Claire Fordice President, AGC of America March 2022 Grapevine, Texas.  



Gain an Advocate in the Valley

  • Mississippi Valley AGC has strong ties with the leaders and key decision-makers of the Mississippi Valley Division, Corps of Engineers and its districts (St. Paul, Rock Island, St. Louis, Memphis, Vicksburg, and New Orleans ) (MG R. Mark Toy, Commander, Mississippi Valley Division, and President, Mississippi River Commission, shown left)
  • Mississippi Valley AGC and the Mississippi Valley Division (MVD) have executed a formal partnering agreement that emphasizes the use of partnering principles in issues resolution.  The two organizations maintain their partnership through quarterly meetings each year and additional facilitated partnering sessions every 5 or 6 years.
  • Each February Mississippi Valley AGC hosts the Mississippi Valley Construction Roundtable with Corps representatives from MVD and its six Districts to discuss and review each District's construction program and to resolve issues related to design, construction, contracting, contract administration, etc.
  • Mississippi Valley AGC and MVD utilize Issue Resolution Committees composed of MVAGC and Corps personnel to resolve complicated systemic issues.
  • The Executive Vice President of Mississippi Valley AGC is a retired Corps of Engineers employee with over 35 years of federal service (33 years with the Corps of Engineers including 16 years with the Mississippi Valley Division) who has lengthy experience in working with all the Corps Districts in the Valley as well as a broad knowledge of Corps procedures and federal regulations.




  • Mississippi Valley AGC typically expects about 50 representatives, including commanders and senior leaders, from the Corps of Engineers in attendance at its February Construction Roundtable from MVD and its 6 District offices.  The Mississippi Valley Construction Roundtable includes a Specifications Issues Session to discuss and resolve construction related issues, an Awards Luncheon for presentation of partnering and safety awards by the Corps of Engineers and Mississippi Valley AGC, and presentations and remarks by Corps Commanders (HQUSACE, MVD, and the MVD Districts) and National AGC representatives.  Here is the Formal Partnering Agreement between MVAGC and MVD.  MVAGC and MVD Partnering Agreement
  • The AGC Federal Contractors Conference is the only national conference that brings federal contractors from across the nation and federal commanders and leaders in Washington D.C. together to discuss latest issues and produce real solutions for federal contractors.
  • Whether you are a contractor seeking an opportunity to meet a Corps representative or a supplier or vendor seeking an opportunity to meet a contractor, networking opportunities such as receptions and golf outings are provided at AGC meetings.
  • Mississippi Valley AGC periodically (every 5 or 6 years) hosts partnering meetings with the Mississippi Valley Division, Corps of Engineers and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.



Other Member Services

  • Weekly email newsletter relating up-to-date information on Corps and NRCS solicitations, bid results, training, and meetings as well as Branch and National AGC events and activities.
  • Branch membership directory (updated continuously)
  • Discounted prices on industry publications and training (safety, project management, etc.) through AGC of America
  • Discounted prices on products and services through AGC of America Affinity Program (General Motors Fleet, Enterprise Fleet Management, Ford Fleet, BP, McGraw-Hill, Avis, Hertz, etc.)
  • Mississippi Valley AGC web site with latest news and information affecting federal contractors in the Mississippi Valley