Branch Dues Information




Regular (Contractor) Member Annual Branch Dues

Branch Dues for All Regular Members - $1,000.00

Branch Dues are payable by 30th of January of each year.



Associate Member Annual Branch Dues

Branch Dues for All Associate Members - $600.00

Branch Dues for Associate Members are payable by the 30th of January of each year.



Branch Volume Dues for Regular (Contractor) Members

Branch Volume Dues:   In addition to Annual Branch Dues of $1,000.00, each Regular member pays volume dues on all contracted work (prime, subcontract, or contract modification) under the jurisdiction of the Branch up to a maximum volume of $17,600,000.  The Branch’s jurisdiction covers the Mississippi River and its drainage area from its Headwaters in Minnesota to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico, including the tributaries entering (or distributaries exiting, as in the case of the Atchafalaya River) the Mississippi River below the Ohio River.  Jurisdiction applies to all federally funded civil work of the Corps of Engineers and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), flood control and navigation projects, including dikes, levees, dams, locks, revetments, channels, channel cut-offs and dredging projects.  Structural work (vertical construction) above Cape Girardeau, Missouri is not included. The Branch’s jurisdiction also includes those portions of the State of Mississippi included in the basins of the Tennessee, Tombigbee, Pearl and Pascagoula Rivers. 

Annual volume dues of the Branch are 1/8 of 1% (.00125) of contracted amounts of all work within the Branch’s jurisdiction (as described above) up to $17,600,000 which results in a volume dues cap of $22,000 per year. 

Regular Members are billed quarterly for Branch Volume Dues.  The Branch office monitors prime contract awards on covered work publicly reported by the Corps of Engineers and NRCS and bills Regular Members accordingly.  Additionally, Regular Members are provided self-reporting forms to report covered work not publicly reported by the Corps of Engineers or NRCS. 

First time Regular Members who are not members of any other AGC chapter are exempt from paying volume dues on the first $2 million of covered work awarded in the year in which they first become a member of the Branch.