Chapter Officers & Staff

2022  - 2023 Branch Officers

Branch Officers for 2022-2023 are President - Trudy Poret, Tarpan Construction, LLC; Vice President at Large - Joe Caldwell, Crosby Dredging Co., LLC;  Vice President - Stan Ekren, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co., LLC and Secretary-Treasurer - Greg Ford, Choctaw Transportation Co., Dyersburg, TN





Executive Vice President

Stephen Gambrell, is a former US Army Corps of Engineers team member (1981-2015).  He has over 38 years of engineering, construction, contractual and other practitioner engineering experience.  He was the Director for the Presidentially appointed Mississippi River Commission for 17 years, has traveled in 28 countries and worked with the 33 State water foot-print known as the Alluvial Empire:  the Mississippi River Valley.  Along with the water foot-print States he has worked in GA, SC, and NC in military and civil works construction and engineering. Stephen's experience is on large construction in: Hydropower/pump back units, Locks and Dams, water supply, navigation, flood control, environmental and building large scale recreation facilities on major rivers and flood control lakes.  He is a civil engineer with a BSCE from Clemson University and is a Harvard Sr. Executive Fellow.  Stephen has advanced studies at New Orleans Seminary and Harvard senior executive programs.  He has a broad knowledge of the congressional and administration climate, federal and state regulations, procedures and contract clauses.  He has spoken around the world on issues ranging from comprehensive river systems, STEM education and helping countries and students "Build and Reach Their Dreams".   Stephen teaches and works through local churches in international missions to help people in areas of the world that are considered Unreached.



Office Manager

Ms. Debbie Lindsey has brilliantly served the MVAGC Branch since July 1981.  She is an avid cross-fit competitor, cyclist and serves her local church family.  If you need assistance, please call (901) 758-1212 or email